Cultural and science history collection

Seashells, fish mounted on sheets and a coral from the historical collectionsThe library and archives are closed temporarily

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Henning Knudsen

About the collection

The cultural and science history collection is responsible for the care and preservation of the Natural History Museum of Denmark’s historical instruments, tools, books, paintings and art objects.

It also encompasses the museum library, which is a collection of older books and journals (before 1900) as well as the botanical, geological and zoological archives.

Important subcollections

  • Historical instruments used at the former Geological Museum, which among others includes early goniometers (Wollaston, Brunner, Mitscherlich, Stoe, Meyerstein), refractometers (Abbé), Appareil de Nörrenberg, Appareil de Soleil, Appareil de Meunier-Chalmas, blowtubes, aerometers, weighing scales, cameras , microscopes etc.