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Digital collections

The Natural History Museum of Denmark wants its collections to be as accessible as possible to both experts and ordinary citizens. We seek to realize this in the coming years through digitalization and, more accessible web-based systems.


We are currently adopting Specify as the standard collections management system across all natural history collections in Denmark. The Natural History Museum of Denmark is providing the necessary infrastructure, setup, and support and, with financial support from the Danish Agency for Culture, has migrated data from legacy database systems during 2015 and 2016 in cooperation with Natural History Museum Aarhus, The Fisheries and Maritime Museum, Naturama, Østsjællands Museum, Museum Salling, Museum Mors and Museum Sønderjylland.

We are currently migrating our own collections to Specify. This is work in progress. Contact Nikolaj Scharff for general enquiries: and Martin Stein for technical questions:

Ongoing digitalization

Digitization of selected zoological collections started a few years ago, funded by the Danish Agency for Culture.

Digitization of the botanical type collections were completed in 2015, co-funded by the American Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. More than 21,500 species of flowering plants have now been registered, scanned and made available both nationally and internationally.


The museum is also home to DanBIF, which collects and maintains an inventory or every species – the biodiversity – in Denmark. DanBIF stewards Danish participation in the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), which is the global network of biodiversity data.

Contact Isabel Calabuig:

Existing databases

While we work to provide a unified data portal for our Specify based collections, you can access the existing, publicly available databases here: