Outdoor Sections

The arboretum
The collection of trees and scrubs is not placed in a special quarter, but is placed so that they fit in the landscape and ensure optimal growth. Some of the trees are particularly striking such as bald cypress (Taxodium distichum), the gingko trees by the lake, and the large poplars by the annuals.

The Acacia hill
In the area near the lake a group of trees and scrubs belonging to the pea family are gathered. With their finely composed leaves and the beautiful and special pea flowers often in large spikes they form a beautiful and elegant quarter. The trees unfold late in spring, and some of them become nicely coloured in autumn. Species of locust, Gleditsia, show their variation in long branched spines on trunks and branches.

The Danish quarter
Around 900 species of plants from Danish nature are grown here including species which are very rare in nature. The plants are grown in a systematic order in bow-formed beds, but the quarter also includes a dune, a bog, a forest flora and water plants.

The conifer hill
The hill south of the lake is planted with various conifers. Most impressive is the large group of Austrian pine (Pinus nigra var. austriaca).

The perennials
The collection includes more than 1,000 perennials. Perennials are herbs that exist for many years, but every year wither down to germinate again the following year from the underground parts. The collection is arranged according to family, genus and species, and emphasis is mainly put on the natural ancestors of our garden plants.

The rock garden or the alpine garden
A large collection of plants from rocky areas are grown on the remains of the old fortification. One of the two hills is made up of limestone from the quarry in Faxe. This is where the calcicolous plants are grown. On the other hill a variety of plants from the Greek mountains, from the Alps, from Greenland and from Caucasus are grown. At the foot of the hills, plants growing on turf and peat moss are represented, e.g. Rhododendron and some rare species of trees.