The Danekræ fossil trove committee

Fossil ammonite Acanthoscaphites tridens (Danekræ DK 543)

Danekræ DK 543: Ammonite Acanthoscaphites tridens (Photo: Sten L. Jakobsen)

The Danekræ fossil trove committee has been appointed by the Natural History Museum of Denmark and decide if submitted specimens should be declared fossil trove. Twice a year the committee meet up to evaluate proposed fossil trove specimens. They also decide on the size of renumerations for the finds.

The committee consists of Danish palaeontological experts, who also draw on their large network of national and international experts for the evaluations. Composition of the committee has varied over the years, but it is currently made up of six representatives from six different institutions in Denmark and abroad:


Laura Jane Cotton, associate professor, Natural History Museum Denmark, University of Copenhagen:


Bent Lindow, collection manager, Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen:

Members at large

Arne Thorshøj Nielsen, associate professor, Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen

Jakob Vinther, associate professor, School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol

Jan Audun Liljeroth Rasmussen, researcher, Fossil- and Mo-clay Museum, Museum Mors

Jesper Milàn, museum inspector, Østsjællands Museum

Mette Elstrup Steeman, museum inspector, Museum Sønderjylland – Natural History and Palaeontology

Fossil crab Portofurica enigmatica in diatomite (Danekræ DK 266)

Danekræ DK 266: Fossil crab Portofuria enigmatica (Photo: Sten L. Jakobsen)