Fungal herbarium

This collection is currently without a curator and access is therefore limited. For inquiries about loans and visits, please contact Head of Collection, Nikolaj Scharff:


Without curator

Collection manager

Christian Lange

About the collection

The fungarium houses around 200,000 collections of all groups of fungi and from all over the world. They are especially rich in material from the Nordic countries and from arctic areas incl. Siberia.

It holds the largest collection of Danish fungi incl. ca. 6,000 species and the largest collection of Greenland fungi incl. ca. 1,500 species. The types are under registration. Approx. 100,000 collections are digitalized and half of them, ca. 46,000 are available online, incl. ca. 4,700 Danish species (see Database for Fungi).

Fungal herbarium in numbers

  • Estimated number of specimens/collections: 200,000 collections.
  • Types: 700 types, predominantly Danish, are registered in the type-database. Digitalization of the remaining goes on.
  • Digitally available specimens: Approx. 100,000 specimens.
  • Percentage digitized: ca. 50 %


  • Largest collection of Danish species (approx 6,000 Danish species out of a total of 6,000).
  • The largest collection from arctic areas, e.g. 11,000 collections of basidiomycetes from the North Atlantic area (Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands) and ca. 11,000 collections from Siberia.

Important subcollections

See separate page.