Agricultural University Herbarium


Uden kurator

Collection managers

Olof Ryding & Karen Gitte Bach

About the collection

The Agricultural University Herbarium consists of a Danish herbarium, a general herbarium, a cone collection and a collection of preparations.

The Danish herbarium is the base of plant descriptions and distribution of the "Danish Field Flora" book. The General herbarium contains a large collection of cultivated plants, and the cone collection is globally unique.


  • Danish Herbarium
  • Cone collection


The Agricultural University Herbarium was build up over more than 100 years and has been relocated several times. The herbarium at Frederiksberg Campus therefore has had many names: KU-LIFE herbarium, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural School Herbarium or Agricultural University Herbarium.  Now the herbarium has been transferred to the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

The herbarium was used in research projects and was an important resource used for enquiries from the general public. It was part of the education of PhD-, M.Sc. and Bac.-students, as well as a number of botanical courses Agricultural University and its descendants.