Isert’s & Thonning’s herbaria

Herbarium sheet with a specimen of the plant Cyperus sphaceolatus

Cyperus sphaceolatus collected by Thonning in Ghana

Isert’s & Thonning’s herbaria contains plants collected in the “Danish Guinea” (southern Ghana to southern Benin) by P.E. Isert in the years 1783–1986, P. Thonning in the year 1799–1803, J. vor Rohr before 1793 and L. Mortensen before 1821. Almost all 1484 the sheets are digitized, scanned and available in JSTOR’s database.

Literature: F.N. Hepper (1976). The West African Herbaria of Isert & Thonning. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.