Pehr Forsskål's herbarium

Herbarium sheet with specimen of the plant Forsskaolea tenacissima

The plant belongs to the species Forsskaolea tenacissima. Linnaeus named the genus after Forsskål.

Pehr Forsskål's herbarium was collected during the expedition to “Arabia Felix” (Yemen) in 1761–1763. On his way to Yemen, Forsskål also collected in southern France, Malta, eastern Turkey, Greece (Rhodos), Egypt and Saudi Arabia (Jiddad). Almost all the c. 1,300 sheets are digitized, scanned and available in JSTOR’s database.

Literature: F.N. Hepper & I. Friis (1994). The Plants of Pehr Forsskål’s Flora Aegypticao-Arabica. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.