Amber collection

Fossil cockroach nymph in amber (Photo: Marie Hörnig)


Lars Vilhelmsen

Collection managers

Anders Illum, Jan Pedersen & Mikkel Høegh Post

About the collection

The amber collection comprises some 10,000 pieces, all from Baltic amber.

Some of it has been collected on the West Coast of Jutland, but large parts derive from the Baltic coastline of Russia and Latvia. Parts of the collection have been obtained as purchases or donations. Further additions come from the old Geological Museum of Copenhagen (‘Mineralogisk Museum’), Royal Cabinet of Curiosities ('Kunstkammer') and 'Danekræ' fossil trove amber collections.

The collection has been partly databased and repackaged to prevent degradation by contact with oxygen. The collection is in increasing demand as recently developed advanced dating methods put a premium on well-preserved fossils that can be used to calibrate phylogenies.

Amber collection in numbers

  • Estimated number of specimens/collections: 10,000
  • Types: 130
  • Digitally available specimens: 4,000
  • Percentage digitized: 40%


  • Amber ants revised by G.M. Dlussky
  • Amber aphids revised by O. Heie
  • Amber spiders revised by J. Wunderlich

Important subcollections/specimens

Fossil cockroach nymph in amber (Photo: Marie Hörnig)